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URBAN VILLAGE LDN - Hot off the press!

Thanks to Melinda and the team at URBAN VILLAGE LDN for our classy introduction to the Fulham Community.

In truth, Individually we are already a part of the furniture in Fulham. All living and working in the area for many years, we all have deep rooted ties to the area and the community. We have now taken the step to work together to develop our services to you and to give back to the community in the best way we can.

URBAN VILLAGE LDN is brought to you by a long term resident of the area who has seen the changes and improvements over the years. A local eye and ear on what’s happening in the area; no politics or hard news, just the good stuff.

The site is for the Fulham community and every month talks about new additions to the area, a selection of what’s on and introduces you to a local who talks about what they do and what they love about their urban village.

They provide amazing support and exposure for small businesses like ourselves and keep you up to date with all that is happening in the area...give them a follow on Instagram or subscribe to stay in the loop.

CLICK HERE for the full article and loads more about whats new in Fulham this January.

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