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A few kind words...

"I was introduced to Mark last year when I was looking for someone to help me with strength training to supplement my track running sessions. Strength training was new to me so finding someone with an interest in my goals and able to work around my limitations (including the occasional mental ones!) was important to me. Mark’s sessions are always hugely enjoyable. I am confident I am stronger this year than I was ten years ago and I am still improving each week!"



‘Training with Luke has always been fun, challenging and enjoyable! I started training with him when I spontaneously signed up for a half marathon and at the time I could just about run 2 kilometres. He encouraged me during our sessions to believe that I could do it, pushed me to achieve more and helped me work on my running technique through a range of different exercises. In just a few months I built up my strength and endurance and successfully completed the half marathon! Thank you Luke I couldn’t have done it without you!’

Katy Mc Dougall


"Mark is a fantastic personal trainer. I needed to do something because of my back pain and with the help of Mark and the exercises, my back pain diminished. Training itself was not only hard and intense, it was fun and Mark challenged me to the right level of my fitness."


"I have been training with Ana for over a year now and I couldn't be happier! She has such a positive attitude making each session not only challenging but fun. She is very knowledgeable and keeps mixing things up so training never becomes boring. As an added bonus, she knows exactly what to focus on when training a female!! Glute days are a killer - in the best way."



"As a Strength coach, Mark's program didnt just improve my physical strength, it also fixed my technique and upskilled my training drills.  The strength and power I gained from training with Mark was also reflected on the track."

Aziz / Kuwait 400m Athlete

‘Luke became my personal trainer over 6 months ago. I told him that I wanted to strengthen my core, and to focus on my golf swing, so moving my hips whilst keeping my upper body relatively movement free was important to me. All our exercises were designed with this in mind. I am not a regular user of gyms or gym equipment, but Luke created a programme which has certainly strengthened my hip turn. I feel confident using the equipment he has set up for me. Most importantly, I am striking the golf ball more consistently and hitting it at least 20-25% further than before I started the sessions with Luke. I am sorry to be losing him, but as I approach my 70th birthday, I feel confident that I can continue to enjoy and improve my golf for many years to come thanks to our sessions together. I can highly recommend him as a caring personal trainer.’

Mr Jackson

"I’ve known Mark for 5 years now. Mark has managed to keep me engaged and motivated through injuries, pregnancies and just ordinary days. 

Mark is not only a great trainer, he is also incredibly knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and rehabilitation. He always goes the extra mile to help his clients reach their goals. I had to move away from London this past summer and can say that the thing I miss the most is the one or two hours a week I used to spend with Mark working on creating a healthier and more fit version of myself."



"I have been training with Ana for two years and she has been amazing. Ana has taught me too much - new workouts, improving technique, and nutrition. There is no question she can not answer! I have been implementing the things that Ana teaches me in our sessions into my workouts and I really look forward to seeing the results!!"



"Mark is a fine trainer who transformed my training and challenged me to try something different.  The results have been amazing and most importantly I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Mark's ability to keep me focused and motivated."


‘First class coaching and personal training. Entirely bespoke programmes built which have made a huge difference to my training, fitness and overall well being. Can't recommend highly enough!’

James Hacking

Over a 3 month period I was on a mission to transform my body and lose my excess weight. Mark was inspirational, relentless, and knew when and how far he could push me. He adapted the program over the time we worked together, changing the program constantly to meet my growing fitness levels. Even though we were on a gruelling almost daily regime, he kept each session different and interesting. By the end I was able to show off my rock-hard abs, toned arms and felt better than I ever. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone, at any level of fitness, to get you to your goals." 

Catherine / 42 / Director and Creative Producer

"Working with Ana over the last few months has been amazing. I didn't really think I wanted a personal trainer and now I wouldn't like to think of a week where I'm not seeing Ana as she has been so helpful. Not only do I feel a lot fitter, but she has also helped me with my nutrition and motivation to overall make me feel like a better human. Ana is also just great fun and I enjoy seeing her as much as I would a great friend! I'm really looking forward to achieving my long-term goals which I don't doubt we'll do together as Ana is so positive we couldn't possibly fail!"


Mark is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the fitness industry. Up to date with the most recent studies and always educates me when he researches them, which is great. As a sportsman myself, he regularly updated my programme to suit my personal needs and linked them logically to my sport (Football).  I have really benefited from his programmes/guidance." 

Charlie / 28 / Professional Footballer

I would highly recommend Mark as a personal trainer.  He is very professional and his workout sessions are very effective, what I particularly like about them is that they are varied and we always manage to have a bit of a laugh.  In addition, Mark is knowledgeable about nutrition and physiotherapy, so he can be a great source of information to help achieve your goals."

Natalie / 40 

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