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Womens Lifestyle and Nutrition Q&A

7pm Tuesday 19th September 2023 with Dietitian Alejandra McCall

Do you struggle with energy levels at different times of your cycle?

Do you know how your dietary needs may change when trying to conceive or during/post pregnancy?

Do you have questions about how the body changes during menopause and if diet and lifestyle have an impact in the process.

These are only a glimpse of hundreds of questions you may be facing regarding your eating habits and lifestyle.

At least 70% of our clients are female, so we fully understand that women face unique situations and phases in their lives that can be confusing or challenging to negotiate.

General dietary and fitness advice or advice that works for men, may not be relevant to your individual situation, and may not even be optimal for your health because of this.

Join us on the Tuesday 19th September (in person or online), for a 2 hour girl talk with dietitian Alejandra McCall. She will cover nutrition and lifestyle considerations, interventions and advice specifically aimed at women. (Teas, Coffees & Soft drinks provided)

You will have the opportunity to send your burning questions ahead of the talk so that the evening is as relevant to you as it can possibly be. We want the talk to be a comfortable and relaxed evening where your questions are answered and you can leave with some actionable tips.

Alejandra is a medically qualified registered dietitian with 16 years of experience. She has worked internationally and at some of London’s top health, fitness and wellness companies, as well as running a nutrition and wellness clinic in Harrods.

Alejandra really is both knowledgeable and experienced in delivering useful, evidence based and applicable diet and lifestyle advice.

Alejandra and Mark have worked together over the last decade combining their knowledge of exercise, lifestyle and nutrition to help numerous individuals become their strongest and healthiest selves.

Alejandra specialises in Holistic Weight Management, Gut Health and Women’s Health, with a special interest in Pre and Post Natal Nutrition, Nutrition for Fertility and eating around the Menopause.


Please use the following link to confirm your spot. Please indicate if you will be attending in person (Matrix Studios, 91 Peterborough Road, SW6 3BU) or would like to receive a zoom link.

Finally, while Alejandra will be taking questions on the night, if you have any specific areas or questions you would like Alejandra to cover, please use the form to submit these in advance. This will help you get the most out of the evening.

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