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Keeping Fitness Personal

One of the reasons clients get results with us when they couldn't elsewhere, is that we take a truly holistic view of your personal situation and the goals you want to achieve before we start to build your plan.

All our coaches use a lifestyle medicine based approach to help add structure to the support and education we provide to you.  Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach to achieving optimal health through replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones.


While promoting optimal health can combat disease, promote vitality and longevity of life, we believe it also provides the best environment for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The diagram opposite displays the 6 pillars that play a part in achieving optimal physical and mental health.  While each pillar has a direct relationship to optimal health, they all indirectly affect the quality of other pillars around them.  So while you may think it is your diet holding you back from results, it could in fact be a combination of stress and lack of sleep that is preventing you from achieving your diet.

Using this framework, we create an overview of your current situation and a road map of how to best achieve your goals.  This process enables us to identify the best interventions that will fit with your current lifestyle as well as any potential barriers to success that may get in the way of your progress. 

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Our speciality: from your first session we try to engrain the idea of strength training being a stimulus.

Strength training can be used to stimulate changes within the mind and body.  From releasing: endorphins to improve your mood, chemicals to promote fat loss or hormones to stimulate muscle gain and strength development.  Exercise is far more than just a tool to burn calories. 


Your physical activity levels can also be utilised to promote recovery, decreasing stress and inflamation within the body.  It is all about finding the correct balance of stimulus for change and recovery to allow this change to occur. 

Through personal strength training sessions, our world class coaches create the best stimulus for change within your body, also programming the adequate recovery time and activities to ensure you get the best out of your training efforts.

Away from your personal training sessions we also advise the best daily activities or other forms of exercise to help you keep progressing.  Whether you want to do all your training with us or just use us for accountability and to give direction once a week or less, we will always keep you moving in the right direction.



Building strength from the core out is a fundamental principle for injury prevention, improved performance, and overall well-being.


Pilates takes this concept to heart, starting your fitness journey with the very foundation of your body: the core.

Imagine your core as the central hub of your movement. When it's strong and engaged, your body becomes a more efficient unit, stabilizing your spine, transfering power throughout your body, and maintaining proper posture.


You'll have better balance, improved coordination, and a newfound sense of control over your movements. This translates to everything you do, from everyday activities like carrying groceries to athletic endeavors like running, cycling or more traditional Strength training.


Pilates emphasizes a deep connection between your mind and body. Our expert coaches will teach you to control your movements with focus and precision, further enhancing your core engagement and overall body awareness.


Pilates lays the groundwork for a strong, healthy, and injury-resistant body. It's more than just exercise; it's an investment in your overall well-being. So, if you're looking to unlock your body's full potential, start from the inside out and build strength from the core with Pilates.

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Nutrition is possibly the most important aspect of achieving optimal health.


What we eat can acutely effect our mental state as well as our bodies ability to train or recover.  Eating the wrong foods can place our bodies under huge stress, while eating well can enable it to adapt to the stimulus of exercise.

Our initial aim with every client is to ensure they are eating well for their optimal health.  This means eating a good balanced diet including wide variety of plant based foods, plenty of fibre, enough protein and healthy fats.

We can then make tweaks and recommendations based on your personal goals, taking into account what fits best into your lifestyle and what approach best suits your personality.  This gives you the best chance of adhering to eating well long term and therfore achieving your goals.

Our Personal trainers will fully support you with general advice and recommendations suited to you.  Should your require more specific, individual guidance our expert Dietitian, Alejandra can provide one to one sessions, monthly support or bespoke packages.



Self-doubt is often a prevalent obstacle on the path to achieving fitness goals.


Mindset coaching offers a professional approach to tackling this challenge.  By helping clients identify and dismantle limiting beliefs, mindset coaching empowers individuals to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations.


This shift fosters a growth mindset, crucial for setting and achieving realistic goals.

These goals act as stepping stones, fostering a sense of accomplishment and propelling individuals forward on their fitness journeys.


This shift transforms exercise from an obligatory chore into a path of self-discovery and empowerment.


Clients begin to view their workouts as more than just physical exertion; they become opportunities to build resilience, discipline, and a heightened sense of self-efficacy.


By dismantling self-doubt and cultivating self-belief, mindset coaching empowers individuals to embark on a transformative fitness journey, one that celebrates progress and fosters a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

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