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Personal Training

Fat Loss | Body Shape Change | Muscle Building | Injury Rehabilitation

| Sports Performance | Postural Correction /Movement Analysis |

Back Pain Management | Ante and Post Natal Training | Strength Training

Here at LIFT it really is all about you.  All of our personal trainers are specialists in one to one 'Personal' training.  Highly qualified and experienced individuals who are great at building a supportive training relationship and environment around you.

We know that you're investing in a Personal trainer to get results, which is why we ensure every session you do and aspect of our support is geared to furthering your progress toward those goals.

You can rest assured when you train with us, every exercise you do has a reason, every session is set up to stimulate adaptations within your body and every rest day is helping set you up for continued progression

What is our key to success? Our attention to detail, and to you, in creating a plan and an environment that you enjoy.  Combined with our desire to educate and empower you in taking control of your own health and fitness, leads to consistency in training and effortless building of new healthy habits..

Expert Personal Trainer, Parsons Green
Personal Training
Nutrition & Personal Training, Parsons Green

Nutrition Services

Personalised Nutrition | Lifestyle Medicine

When you sign up for personal training you will receive the full support of our trainers. 


This includes nutritional guidance to best complement your training, as well as help with other lifestyle factors such as healthy sleeping habits and stress management.

Should you require more specialist nutrition advice, our Registered Nutritional Therapist, Jade is able to delve deeper through 1:1 coaching sessions and bespoke plans tailored to your needs.  She will address not only your eating habits, but also methods of improving your health and mental state through healthy lifestyle choices and adjustments.



 Injury Rehabilitation | Postural Improvement | Pre/Post Event |

Muscle Relaxation

Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, recovering from an injury or training very hard, Sports Massage can be a vital tool in your progress.


For aches, pains and injuries, an initial full assessment will be undertaken to best identify problem areas that Sports Massage can help solve.  A variety of soft tissue and stretching techniques as well as prescribed exercise can be used to treat the problem. If it is clear that you would be best seeing another healthcare professional then I will reccomend suitable action.


For sports people, pre and post event massage or general maintenance massages are of great use in promoting effective performance and recovery.  This is not limited to athletes.  If you are training hard, sports massage can be a great tool to allow continued progress and prevent any niggles.

Sports Massage & Personal Training, Parsons Green
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