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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

To help you keep fit healthy and progressing towards your goals!

We're open and ready for business!

However while the the govenment deems it unsafe for fitness facilities to open we are offering a huge 30% off our online personal training services.

We have 3 options:

5 x Sessions for £250 (usually £325-£450)

10 x Sessions for £500 (usually £750-£900)

20 x Sessions for £1000 (usually £1500-£1800).

Any sessions purchased under this offer MUST be used by the end of MARCH 2021. However should the government allow the studio to re-open the SESSIONS ARE VALID TO USE IN PERSON/IN STUDIO!! Socially distant sessions outdoors will cost £60 per session.

We are also offering remote coaching programs for £150.

These include:

  • Initial assesment and goal setting questionaire

  • Zoom call one to one assessment with one of our coaches

  • 4 week personal program based on your goals and available equipment.

  • Weekly Zoom/facetime check in with your coach.

Please do contact us at or via the contact form on the main page to enquire further or book in for your sessions/program.

All our best for 2021,

Mark, Ana, Luke and Alejandra.

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