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Gazpacho - but Green!

Gazpacho – But Green!

With the summer months starting to hit hard, it is unavoidable to start looking for refreshing meals that don’t require much cooking and that hit the well known requirements of “easy to prepare” and delicious.

I think as a population, people are losing the joy in cooking, spending time in the kitchen and enjoying their food. Don’t get me wrong, I get everyone is tired, bored of cooking at home (thank you Covid-19), limited with time because of work or family commitments, meaning that the last thing people want to do is to spend an hour in a small hot kitchen (very likely if you are in London), or any extra time away from your loved ones because you are stuck in the kitchen.

So, what can you do that is tasty, quick, versatile filling and refreshing?! A green gazpacho! A true crowd pleaser even if the look of a green soup is more than suspicious.

I created this gazpacho from looking at one of the never ending list of ingredients for one of Ottolenghi’s recipes. They may seem daunting and make you fell overwhelmed and into a“I can’t be bothered” mood. But trust me when I say this, there is not one single recipe that I’ve done from any of his cookbooks that I have regretted the long list of ingredients or time to prepare. They are all worth it.

The adjustments I’ve made to his version are mainly to make it even more plant – based friendly, denser in nutrients and to adapt it to my taste buds – a.k.a. more chillies! I added more nuts at the expense of decreasing the olive oil and using more water, I added more spinach, and last but not least, I used cannellini beans instead of bread for texture, prebiotic fibre (food for good gut bacteria), complex carbohydrates and protein!

Hope you enjoy this Gazpacho as much as we do around here!

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