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Mark Stanton

Director, Head Coach


Sports Masseur

Womens Personal Training - Parsons Green
Nutritionist & Personal Training Parsons Green

Keeping Fitness Personal

Personal strength, health and fitness specialists.  
Tailored strength training, pilates, mindset coaching, mutrition guidance and lifestyle support.

Leaving you stronger and more empowered than ever.


Our Approach

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Strength training is a powerful stimulus, that can promote significant changes within the mind and body. 

It can release:

  • Endorphins to improve mood;

  • Chemicals to promote fat loss;

  • Hormones to stimulate muscle gain and bone density increases. ​

Strength training really benefits every body.


Build strength from the core out!

Starting from the spine and the core, pilates develops strength, range and
a deeper self-awareness of your body's movements and potential.

This sets a foundation for optimal, strong, injury free movement..


Nutrition is possibly the most important aspect of achieving optimal health.


What we eat can acutely effect our mental state as well as our bodies ability to train or recover. 


Eating the wrong foods can place our bodies under huge stress, while eating well can enable it to adapt to the stimulus of exercise.


Our fitness journeys can often be stalled by self-doubt.


Mindset coaching tackles this head-on, helping you identify and dismantle limiting beliefs, replacing negative self-talk with empowering affirmations and setting achievable goals.


Transform exercise from obligation to a path of empowering self-discovery.

Meet the Team

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"Everything you need and nothing you don't"

That is how we went about designing our exclusive personal training and treatment studio. Light, airy and spacious, you are guarenteed privacy and a sense of escape to focus on your training, health and fitness.
Lift Personal Training Studio Parsons Green
Lift Personal Training Studio Parsons Green
Lift Personal Training Parsons Green

The Space

A Few Kind Words

Mark Stanton | Personal Trainer Parsons Green

"I’ve known Mark for 5 years now. Mark has managed to keep me engaged and motivated through injuries, pregnancies and just ordinary days. 

Mark is not only a great trainer, he is also incredibly knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and rehabilitation. He always goes the extra mile to help his clients reach their goals. I had to move away from London this past summer and can say that the thing I miss the most is the one or two hours a week I used to spend with Mark working on creating a healthier and more fit version of myself."


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