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About Luke...

With over 13 years of dedicated experience as a personal trainer and armed with a research degree, Luke embodies the ideal fitness professional to guide you on your transformative journey.


His compassionate and empathetic personality ensures that he is not just a trainer, but a partner in your pursuit of personal growth and strength.

Luke's approach is founded on a comprehensive, holistic strategy that revolves around the core tenet of strength training.


Through a meticulously designed program, you will witness a profound transformation in both your physical appearance and overall well-being.

His extensive expertise is underscored by the successful coaching of a diverse clientele, including elite athletes, high-achieving professionals, rehabilitation cases, and clients navigating the unique challenges of Ante/Post Natal fitness.


Luke's ability to tailor training to individual needs and goals ensures that, regardless of your starting point, you will emerge as a stronger and more empowered version of yourself.

Luke Easton Personal Trainer Fulham


  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • BSc(hons) Sport and Exercise Science

  • Ante & Post Natal Exercise Training

  • Level 3 Sports Massage

  • First Aid Qualified

Fully Insured for Personal Training, Sports Conditioning and Sports Massage

‘Training with Luke has always been fun, challenging and enjoyable! I started training with him when I spontaneously signed up for a half marathon and at the time I could just about run 2 kilometres. He encouraged me during our sessions to believe that I could do it, pushed me to achieve more and helped me work on my running technique through a range of different exercises. In just a few months I built up my strength and endurance and successfully completed the half marathon! Thank you Luke I couldn’t have done it without you!’

Katy Mc Dougall

Some nice words...

Luke Prices



Personal Training or Strength and Conditioning

Note: Pack sessions to be completed within 6 months of first session.

Individual Sessions


10 Session pack (£100 per session)


20 Session pack (£90 per session)


Luke Easton Womens Personal Trainer Fulham
Luke Easton Online Personal Trainer Fulham


Monthly Coaching program


Online coaching done properly!

Sticking with our mantra of "Keeping Fitness Personal" our HYBRID online coaching is completely personal to you.

Your own personal coach will complete an initial in person assessment session with you before writing and coaching you, hands on, through the exercises you will need.  


Your coach will then guide you through your program via a user frendly app as well as weekly loom feedback calls.  


Every month you will have access to one 60 minute personal training session, in our exclusive studio (or online if you wish).  This allows us to really coach you and ensure progress in your knowledge, ability and strength.


Who’s it for?

This program is great for individuals with a training history, that want elite personal programming to help push through training plataeus, and reach goals.  This is also a great follow up package to our "Learn to Lift" packages. 

Online Coaching


12 x 60 minute personal training sessions


Ladies, do you lift?

When you look at all the benefits of strength training for women, the question should be why aren't you liftinng?

From increased bone and muscle density (which prevents deseases such as osteoperosis), to improved confidence, better posture and generally just feeling strong, we really all should be doing some sort of strength training.

We understand that starting strength training can be daunting.  Your goals, bodies and the challenges that you face physically and mentally should not just be approached in the same way we would traing a male.


We have decades of experience training women of all ages, through physical development, pregnancies and menopause. 

This program is aimed at developing confidence and proficiancy in a gym over 6-12 weeks in our exclusive studio. We also aim to educate as to how best to train for health, longevity, strength and fat loss through various stages of life.

Luke Easton Womens Personal Trainer Fulham
Ladies that Lift

Other team members...

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