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Running: Glutes & Hamstrings and the benefits of pre-activation

Making sure your Glutes and Hamstrings are activated ready for running.

Many of us are what I like to call, 'Lace Up Runners'. We get our shoes on, lace up, and run! The problem? We live in a time when we spend much of our day sitting. Sitting at our desk, sitting on our sofas. It is from this that our problems arise. Sitting leads to very little, if any, glute and hamstring engagement.

When it then comes to the time we want to go running, we go from zero to one hundred. Instant load, impact and force directly being placed through our glutes and hamstrings especially.

This video goes into detail on the how, why and what. How we generally get injuries from running, why that is and what we can do about it. Whether you generally run 5k or 50k, you will find benefit from what this video has to offer.

In addition, please follow this link to our instagram page. This video will highlight 3 key exercises that will help you in the pre-activation of your glutes and hamstrings for running.

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